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As a digital marketing agency, we believe in providing each client with a solution tailored to their specific requirements. At the core of our offering is website development for small businesses. This includes affordable basic information websites as well as feature rich and e-commerce sites. We then provide a variety of complementary and supplementary services. These extra services are designed to enhance, sustain and extend the online marketing efforts of businesses.

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About Us

AIC Technologies is a three-person team servicing both Tasmania and Victoria. Established in 2009, we have been refining what we do and how we do it ever since. We provide services for a range of industries including health, education, retail, legal, agriculture and hospitality. For everything we do, we strive to provide clients with a stress-free, affordable and flexible experience. As we believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients rather than short term profits.

What We Do

We provide businesses with everything they need to succeed online. This approach streamlines the development of solutions for our clients as we are able to manage everything.

From website address registration and email accounts to the creation of websites and their ongoing support. We strive to be a one-stop shop for the digital needs of our clients. Indeed, we relish the opportunity to solve the problems of clients and to exceed their expectations.

In all that we do, be it strategic or technical we leverage our marketing expertise to inform our actions. This creates the highest level of branding and customer engagement opportunities possible. From the layout of a website to the time it takes for it to load, we are always thinking about creating the best outcomes for clients.

At the core of our approach to delivering projects is a love of using open source and innovative technologies and frameworks like WordPress, Woocommerce & Bootstrap.

Our Portfolio

  • Caddee Website
  • P1 Design Website
  • Cygnet Market
  • o'reilly legal and governance
  • Bruny Island 4x4 Adventures
  • o'reilly legal and governance
  • The Gallery
  • The Gallery
  • Star Reputation
  • Red Rabbit Lane
  • Profit Spark
  • Star Reputation
  • Ready Beans
  • Oreily legal logo
  • Hill Consulting HRS
  • Hill Consulting HRS
  • Caddee Logo
  • Portfolio

The technologies & frameworks we use

We blend traditional marketing with technical expertise

The result is the creation and sustainment of digital presences that extend offline branding efforts online to inspire consumer confidence and a sense of familiarity.

The Founder's Blog

We strive to communicate our expertise and to educate our clients with industry insights, advice and tutorials that relate to digital marketing.

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